Hybrid wolfdog is very protective of the new kitten. - Video


Summoning naturepunk, is this actually a wolfdog, you think? I remember that post of your’s about Jude and the wild rat; kinda dubious about interactions with a kitten.

If it is a wolfdog, it’s a very low-content one. I see a lot of dog traits - husky markings and paws, large GSD ears and dark GSD eyes, a curled tail, a dog-like gait, etc. His only wolfy traits are his cheek ruffs, but those can be a dog trait, too, depending on what else is in the mix. 

As for the behavior - this seems more like something known as ‘resource guarding’. He is ‘claiming’ the kitten as his, not because he has any manner of affection for it, but likely because it’s entertaining for him; it’s a toy.

In the 3rd GIF down, he mouths at it experimentally before picking it up with a very slight predatory shake of his head, and walks away from the camera-person, still bobbing the kitten up and down. He then puts the kitten between his paws as any dog would a chew-toy. And when the camera-person approaches him, his reaction is to move forward in a low-postured, menacing manner, completely with a lip-lick synonymous with a threat/stress display, as if he is warning, “Back up! This toy is mine!”

I could easily see this behavior escalating into a dangerous situation for the kitten, the dog’s humans, and for the dog - especially since they have dropped the “wolfdog bomb” on him.

Videos like this make me feel very uncomfortable, for a myriad of different reasons, and it’s unfortunate that so many people, who don’t know any better, misconstrue it as “cute” or “funny”. 


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